Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Educational Computing 526

On Thursday Carol LaRow will be visiting our school for some professional development time. We'll be training 2 day before break and three days after. The technology committee has put together sessions on power point, Starboard, and teaching with the internet. She's great at what she does: teaching how to integrate technologies into instruction. Here's a sample of what she's done. She always provides the best handouts and works great with faculty. Teachers, I feel, are always best taught by other teachers. We could bring in a rep to train us on how to use Starboards or someone else to teach power point. Unless they're seasoned teachers they really don't know our needs.

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Carol LaRow said...

Hey, Scott. Thanks for the Kudos. It's always a pleasure working with your staff. Here are some other resources you might like. They include: WEB 2.0, Google links and descriptions, resources for teachers, and conference handouts. You can also find some projects to join: