Friday, March 7, 2008

Progress: Slow and Steady

When we moved into our new building not much worked. The Starboards (Hitachi brand Interactive White Board) we mounted, but the software wasn't on the computers. The document cameras were still in boxes that were slid under desks or deposited in a corner. The majority of rooms with projectors didn't have them wired up yet. Myself and a few others have toiled away since the move in January to get everything up and running. At the moment the software for the Starboards is being reinstalled. There was a bug in the program that didn't let it work correctly with the dual display mode that we use. The document cameras are also finally getting put together and used. The main issue I've found with the document cameras is the power cord length. The old overhead projects either used a long cord or were attached to a portable cart with a long cord. You also have the added difficulty of having to not only plug it into the wall outlet, but also into the projector. Until the makers of document cameras figure out these cord problems I don't see them becoming as ubiquitous as the overhead was (is?).

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