Monday, April 28, 2008

Done...for now

The reflective piece is done.
The links are all active.
The webquest is webquesty.

One thing I find amazing about doing web development and other on-line work (like blogging)is the deception of time. A task that seems should be alloted a mere hour ends up needing 3 or more. A ten minute blog post or 15 minute glimpse of the aggregator turns into over an hour. My TV viewing is suffering! But, I must say I am satisfied with the current progress of my eportfolio. Much of the design aspect still needs a bit of work. The colors are pleasant and the links work.

My webquest is a bit more of a work in progress. I had about ten ideas around the same premise and forced myself to start on one. If I had not I'd still be pondering which one to do. In hindsight one of the other options may have been easier to develop. Oh well. I'll be pressing the fingers this week.

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