Thursday, April 10, 2008

Energy and the Environment Simulation

Ben Rimes in his blog mentioned Electrocity, a game from New Zealand with great potential for use in the classroom. Tonight I'll download and play the game at home to get a feel for what its like. Like Ben, I spent days playing Sim City as a youngster. I also enjoyed Sim Earth and Sim Ant. I hope Electrocity ends up being a great option for expanding my curriculum of energy resources. Currently, I have only a poster project that I do on the topic. Students research in groups solar, geothermal, fossil fuels, and all the rest. Doing this after the projects could really drive home the concepts.

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ben said...

Never played SimEarth or Ant, but I got side tracked on a couple of the "non-sim" simulation games like Railroad Tycoon and Transport Tycoon. I did get back into SimCity 4, which was awesome, but don't have the time anymore to sit down and play it for 3 hours in a sitting like the game deserves.

The ElectroCity game doesn't need any downloading, and in fact you can enter high scores on to a leaderboard. It should definitely motivate a lot of your students, at least the ones with the patience to handle all of the finer controls and micro-management.